St. Anselm described theology as “faith seeking understanding,” and at Most Sacred Heart adult education plays an important part in providing opportunities for Christian growth. Through a wide variety of programs including bible studies, topical programs, devotions, and self-study with new library resources, the parish is committed to support continuing growth of the faithful. By participation in these programs, Catholics are encouraged to seek a deeper understanding of their faith for both personal fulfillment and the powerful witness of the Christian life lived out faithfully in the world.

The parish offers a number of different kinds of programs for adult faith enrichment.  Among these are small group Bible studies, monthly parish topical presentations, e-devotions, parish-wide special events, and personal study opportunities through library resources.

The Friday Morning Ladies Bible Study is the longest-running adult parish program.  The group, which meets at 9a.m. on Friday morning in the Father Dowling Hall, is led by Kristy Stockell.  Using a variety of Catholic resources, the group focuses on applying the lessons of scripture to everyday life.

These programs are great opportunities to get to know the Word of God better in informal group settings and all welcome new participants!

Tuesday Evening Presentations are generally held about once a month during the school year, following mass. The parish hosts speakers who address a variety of topics of general interest.  Utilizing knowledgeable speakers from both inside and outside the parish, the presentations offer an opportunity to learn about a number of different aspects of our Faith.      Dates and topics are announced in the bulletin several weeks in advance.

E-Devotions during Advent and Lent, daily devotions available by e-mail.  These e-Devotions are designed around a theme appropriate to the liturgical season and generally contain information about the faith as well as inspiration for personal growth. Participants receive a brief e-mail each weekday morning to get the day started on good spiritual footing.  E-Devotions are available to friends and families of parishioners.

The parish also hosts periodic Special events in adult faith formation.  In April 2008, for example, the parish hosted the Vatican Eucharistic Miracles Exhibit sponsored by the Body of Christ Outreach.  Approximately 1200 attended the weekend event.

Finally, the parish considers its beautiful library as a ministry.  Although most of the 5000 volumes are for the benefit of our students about 1000 volumes are available for the use of the parishioners.  These include a wide variety of adult faith-oriented topics including Bible study resources, inspiring stories, explanations of various aspects of the Faith, and   biographies of the saints.  In addition to books, other media including magazines and videos are available.  The library is open to all from 7:45 am – Noon the first Sunday of each month, when there are Doughnuts. All parishioners of MSH are welcome to visit and use the Library.

Watch weekly bulletin for details about these and other Adult Faith Formation offerings.  We hope you will participate by attending these programs!  Or perhaps you’re interested in being more involved; we’re always looking for new programs ideas, program leaders and Adult Faith Formation Committee helpers.  In any way you choose to participate, please feel welcome to join in for enrichment of the head and heart.