Prayers for family / finances

Submitted By: Chrishan Xavier

Prayer Request: I have been having a tough time family / workwise, having been terminated from my job in August while in a foreign land, with my family. Because of the work visa situation, i have requested the help of my local parish, and through the grace of God and the prayers (including yours) and help of so many people i have come to a situation where i have started a new job, but have arrears to pay off, because of the accruing debts over 4 months where my savings have been starved as i have looked for the new job.

I ask for your prayers, as well as your advice, if possible, as I seek:
– the wisdom to know when and how to act, in order to be a better husband, father, and son to my family, and
– the resources to get out of my precarious situation so that i can continue to support my family

Thank you and God bless you.