Building Maintenance

Mission Statement: To preserve the long-term beauty of our church and parish facilities.
Volunteer Opportunities: For adult men or women – provide carpentry, plumbing, electrical and other maintenance services to repair or improve the parish facilities. Basic maintenance skills required.
Time Commitment: several hours per month as needed

Data Committee

Mission Statement: To maintain accurate information of all parishioners in order to enable communication within the parish.
Volunteer Opportunities: Anyone with computer, social media and/or data entry skills are encouraged to join us to keep the parish census data up-to-date. No age requirement.
Time Commitment: No scheduled meetings. You can volunteer as your schedule permits.

Finance Council

Mission Statement: The financial generosity of our parishioners and donors is used for the physical and spiritual needs of all who come here, for all who suffer, and for our own spiritual well-being and growth.
Ministry Description: Finance Council members are appointed by the Pastor from individuals that have expressed interest in serving in such a capacity. The Council, in support of the pastor, works with the Business Manager in preparing and sharing with the Parish Council the annual budgets for the parish; helps oversee the annual parish budget; advises on expenditures outside of approved budgets; ensures compliance with archdiocesan financial regulations and recommends policies/procedures for the mission of the parish. This ministry requires discernment by the parish priest.
Time Commitment: Council meets on the 4th Tuesday of each month from 6:30-8:30pm.


Mission Statement: To plant and nurture the parish grounds for all to witness the beauty of God’s creation.
Volunteer Opportunities: For adults 18 and over – help plant, weed and water the flower beds around the church and parish grounds.
Time Commitment: Several hours per month during season

Grounds Maintenance

Mission Statement: To maintain the beauty of the parish grounds.
Volunteer Opportunities: For adults 18 and over – help mow grass, trim bushes, mulch and other maintenance projects around the parish grounds.
Time Commitment: Several hours per month as needed.

Money Counter

Mission Statement: Assure the accurate count and recording of the precious financial gifts of our parishioners.
Volunteer Opportunities: Adults 21 and over, approved by the pastor, serve on a team to count the Sunday, Holy Day and special collections.
Time Commitment: 2-3 hours, once a month, on Mondays

Parish Council

Mission Statement: Guided by the Holy Spirit, discern parish direction and priorities.
Ministry Description: Members are nominated, discerned by the parish priest, drawn randomly and serve a three-year term. The work of the Council includes: serve as a sounding board for the pastor; discern the direction of the parish; review/approve new events for the parish; assist the pastor in establishing policy for the parish; review/approve functions that also involve people from outside the parish; review finances/marketing/fundraising; approve large expenses.
Time Commitment: Council meets once a month, typically the third Monday of the month for 1-2 hours.