Mission Statement: To enhance the parish community through fun, fellowship and fundraising.
Ministry Description: This committee sponsors the annual dinner auction, both oral and silent auctions, to raise money for the parish and its ministries. It is a great opportunity for parishioners to get to know each other better and enjoy each other’s company.
Volunteer Opportunities: There are numerous volunteer opportunities for all parishioners Grade 8 and above ranging from donation solicitation and pick-up, preparation of silent auction items, marketing and promotion, table decorating, serving, etc.
Time Commitment: Varies depending on task.

Blood Drive

Mission Statement: To share the precious gift of life by donating blood.
Volunteer Opportunities:

1. Blood Donor – 16 year-olds with parent permission or 17 and up

Time Commitment: 1 hour, twice a year in February and August

2. Volunteer Aide – Families or individuals age 16 or older – greet and register donors, serve refreshments

Time Commitment: 2 hours, twice a year in February and August

Church Cleaners

Mission Statement: To keep our church a beautiful and welcoming place of serenity and prayer.
Volunteer Opportunities: For adults, high school and college-aged students – serve on a team that cleans, dusts and sweeps the church.
Time Commitment: 1-1.5 hours every 5 weeks (each team rotates every 5 weeks)

Church Decorators

Mission Statement: To celebrate the proclamation of the Word of God at Mass
Volunteer Opportunities: For adults, high school and college-aged students – decorate the church to highlight the various liturgical seasons and other special occasions throughout the year. Also, water plants as necessary.
Time Commitment: 1-4 hours several times a year

Discernment of Gifts/Talents Committee

Mission Statement: To strengthen our faith community by utilizing the gifts and talents given us by the Holy Spirit.
Ministry Description: The committee works to help parishioners identify their unique gifts, talents and interests and match them with a parish ministry which will benefit the parish and expand their personal, spiritual growth.
Time Commitment: No more than one meeting per month

Donut Sunday

Mission Statement: All are welcome to share faith and fellowship.
Ministry Description: On the second Sunday of each month, donuts, juice and coffee are served after all the masses in Fr. Dowling Hall. Donut Sunday is sponsored by the Pro-life Committee.
Volunteer Opportunities: Help set up, serve and clean up after each mass.
Time Commitment: 1 hour once a month.

Fish Fry

Mission Statement: To enhance the parish community through service, fellowship and fundraising.
Ministry Description: The annual parish Fish Frys are an opportunity for parishioners to spend time together working, serving and dining as they raise money for the parish operations and ministries. They are held on all the Fridays in Lent, except Good Friday. Dine-in and carry-out are available as well as buffet style in Fr. Dowling Hall.
Volunteer Opportunities: There is a variety of different volunteer jobs requiring numerous volunteers each week. All individuals grade 8 and up are encouraged to help. Jobs range from food preparation and set-up before the fish fry, food preparation during the fish fry, serving, bussing tables, cutting desserts, clean-up after, etc. A parish-wide sign-up is used to schedule volunteers.
Time Commitment: 2-4 hours each week depending on the task.

Funeral Planning Ministry

Mission Statement: Loved by God, we love those grieving for a loved one.
Ministry Description: Plan a Liturgy that truly celebrates the life of a loved one. Meet with family members to choose Scripture Readings and music as well as identify family members and their participation in the Liturgy. Follow-up with presiding clergy and related Liturgical Ministries and coordinate all aspects of the proceedings on the day of the Funeral Mass.
Volunteer Opportunities: For adults 21 and over – must be available during the day for family meetings and Funeral Mass.
Time Commitment: 3 hours per month, 1 funeral per month

Funeral Luncheon Ministry

Mission Statement: Be witnesses of God’s love by compassionately serving those who are grieving.
Ministry Description: This group of loving individuals serves a meal for the families of parishioners or former parishioners immediately following the funeral and/or cemetery service. Meal is served in Fr. Dowling Hall.
Volunteer Opportunities: For any individual who would like to bring and/or serve food, set-up before the meal and/or clean-up following the meal.
Time Commitment: Several times a year for 2-4 hours.

Prayer Chain Ministry

Mission Statement: Individuals and families who are shouldering burdens are lifted up by the prayers received from the parish community.
Ministry Description: Requests for prayer come for a variety of reasons, for example, illness, surgery, a difficult situation at home, children, etc. Members of the prayer chain receive emailed prayer requests from the parish office and take time to pray a special prayer for the individual and their family. You may also request a prayer by calling or emailing the parish secretary who will send your request out to the prayer chains.
Time Commitment: As needed.

Pro-Life Committee

Mission Statement: To enflesh the Gospel of Life with our lives by being a visible witness to one another and the community.
Ministry Description: The Pro-life committee is unique in that every member of the parish is a member. As Catholics, we are all called to live out the Gospel of Life. Our activities include a prayerful presence every:

  1. Friday and Saturday mornings from 7-10am at Planned Parenthood in the Central West End and Hope in Granite City.
  2. 4th Saturday of the month at Planned Parenthood at Big Bend and Meramec Station.

We witness the Gospel of Life at:

  1. the Webster Groves 4th of July event
  2. the Eureka Days parade
  3. the March for Life in Washington, D.C. in January

Time Commitment: the 2nd Sunday of each month, the committee hosts the parish Donut Sunday and meets after the 9:30am Mass in Fr. Dowling Hall. All are invited to join.

Wedding Planning Committee

Mission Statement: Couples are fully prepared to express their love and commitment to one another before God and the community.
Ministry Description: The team works with engaged couples, guiding them in their marriage preparation and helping answer questions. They help prepare the church before the wedding, run the rehearsal and the wedding processions at the ceremony.
Volunteer Opportunities: As a Wedding Coordinator, you would work with the couples assigned to you.
Time Commitment: Attend 1 ½ hour team overview meeting once a month with the couples. Each wedding consists of 1 hour for rehearsal, usually Thursday or Friday evening, and 2 hours for wedding, usually on Saturdays.

Welcome Committee

Mission Statement: Guided by the Holy Spirit, we visit new parishioners in order to welcome them to our parish family.
Volunteer Opportunities: For adults 21 years and older who have a warm and welcoming spirt and a willingness to reach out and meet new parishioners to welcome them to the parish community, share information and answer questions.
Time Commitment: 1-2 hours per month as needed.