It has been delightful to see more and more people at our in-person Masses. As you might know, the dispensation from in-person Masses ends on July 1st, at which time we look forward to seeing even more of our beloved parishioners and guests.  Remember: Though Mass attendance is important, it is also important not to risk our own health or the health of others.  As has always been true, those who are homebound or have any significant health concerns are not obligated to attend Sunday Mass in person.

PLEASE NOTE: We will continue to live-stream Mass each weekday, and will also live-stream our 5pm Saturday Mass.  All Masses will remain online for one week, and past homilies will remain available indefinitely under the ‘You Are Loved’ tab on our webpage.

Here are some of the other ways we will work to provide for a safe return to normal:

  • While most of the Church will have seating available in all pews, we will continue to have socially distanced seating available in both transepts in the front of Church.
  • The Holy Water fonts at the doors of church will be filled for those who wish to bless themselves with Holy Water.
  • Masks remain mandated for those not vaccinated, and we will continue to have masks available in the back of Church for those who need one.
  • Hand sanitizer will remain readily available at all entrances.
  • For now, we will continue to ask people to bring their offering with them as they come forward for Communion and put it in the baskets in the front pews.
  • The sign of Peace continues, remembering that some prefer–or need–to not have physical contact.
  • Our Eucharistic Ministers will continue to sanitize their hands before and wear masks as they distribute Holy Communion.
  • Distribution of the Precious Blood remains suspended by the Bishops until further notice.
  • Confessions remain from 3:30 to 4:15 in Father Dowling Hall.
  • For the time being, we will continue to open only the front doors of church for entering and departing. (There are several factors for this, including the work we are currently doing on the school floors).
  • The songs for Mass will still be in the bulletin. (After Thanksgiving, when the next liturgical cycle begins, we will again place the Breaking Bread hymnals in the pews.)

We offer our thanks for all you have done to keep yourself and others safe; our sympathy for all who have lost loved ones or suffered in other ways during this pandemic; and our heartfelt prayers going forward. May God deepen the best in us for this world.