What is a Faith Sharing Group?

A Faith Sharing Group is a small number of adult parishioners who gather regularly in someone’s home with the intention of sharing and deepening their faith.  Centered in the Scripture, these groups help participants connect the Word of God to everyday life, grow closer to God, and experience the blessings of Christian community.

Our Vision: The vision of our Faith Sharing program is to have a growing number of small groups of people holding conversations about life while reflecting on the upcoming Sunday scriptures. Participants themselves become more alive in their faith and thus make the world a better place.

Goal: The Goal is to support adults of all stages of faith and life.

Participants are helped to:

  • Become more aware of the presence of God in their daily living;
  • Learn more about the Gospel;
  • Benefit from the goodness of others (and sometimes from their mistakes);
  • Experience a deeper connection to Christ and others;
  • Make a connection between their faith and helping create a more just and loving world.

To become involved, call Phyllis Luehrmann at 818-389-1828.