Our Growing Project is a concrete way we are living out our Mission Statement “Loved by God…we love this world”.  During these difficult times around with the world due many issues including COVID-19, the problem of food insecurity remains very real.

We are happy to report the project we sponsored in the Bolivia/Gran Chaco region has progressed to the point where local support can maintain the system developed for rainwater collection and storage.  This system has enabled the people in the region to have greater access to water for drinking and for their agricultural needs.

A reminder of how the program works: The money Most Sacred Heart collects from your generous donations for the Growing Project is used to pay for the costs of harvesting bales of hay from our field.  It is also used to support the costs of inputs (seed, fertilizer etc) for acres of soybeans on area farms.  The profit from the hay and soybean crops is sent to the Growing Hope Globally.

During 2019, parishioners donated $3852.18. The net profits from our hay bales and and soybean acres resulted in a total of $14,248.18 sent to support the Bolivia/Gran Chaco project!  THANK YOU!

The Project we will now support is in the Castrovirreyna region of Peru.  This project is working with indigenous farmers to increase the quantity of food available and the nutritional status of their children.  Farmers are being trained on: diversifying farm plots, organic production methods, establishing seed banks, and establishing family gardens and greenhouses.

To support our Growing Project, please make your check out to Most Sacred Heart with “Growing Project” in the memo line.  You can also make donations online through the Give Online link on our webpage.  Thanks for your continued support of this effort to “love the world”!